COVID-19 : Updates & What To Expect

* Due to COVID-19, we’re expecting normal business to be impacted in several ways, both now and in the near-future. We want you to be aware of what we’re forecasting, but know that the things listed below can change or be expanded based on changing conditions out of our control.*

The main impacts we’re still experiencing:

  1. Shortages of several seat belt components, especially in special colors but also in black that would normally be in stock
  2. Still a 4-8 week leadtime on special colors and custom orders
  3. Low stock kept because of increased demand (shipping out everything when we receive it without any additional being left on the shelves – not normal and creates shortages/wait times as well)
  4. Longer international shipping times (in transit)
(^ All points above are explained more in detail below with the number they correspond to beside the paragraph).

(#1 & 2) You can place your order for anything in our online store but keep in mind that if the item(s) you order aren’t immediately ready to ship, there could be long wait times. We’re currently expecting a 4-8 week lead time for out of stock items to ship. Please email us at by clicking on the envelope below if you’d like to know your estimated ship time before you place your order!

Also, please keep in mind that placing your order now, even if we are unable to ship your order for some time, will guarantee that you are the first to get your items when we restock. However, submitting your order online will charge your chosen method of payment at the time the order is placed (there isn’t a way to defer payment at this time online, as our store runs fraud checks and processes the payment automatically when you checkout).

(#1-3) When a multi-step supply chain experiences a significant delay at an early step (in March/April when several countries and businesses had to close for 2-3+ weeks because of COVID-19), its effects are unfortunately compounded throughout the supply chain for awhile until everything is caught up and balance is restored. However, with the closings and restrictions of COVID-19, we also saw an increase in sales/demand (which we are so grateful for!) but which also compounded the problems further since we were unable to get products and components in like normal to ship orders out in a timely way. Since we have had more orders to fill with a very delayed supply chain, balance still hasn’t been restored (as of mid-September), but we’re slowly but surely seeing everything start to catch up again. We still don’t have the amount of product on our shelves ready to ship because as soon as components come in and we assemble everything for the orders we have, there isn’t anything left over for stock.

(#4) For any orders shipping outside of the continental USA, please expect much longer shipping times than normal in transit and refer to your tracking number to see the current status of your package. Once we pack your order, put your shipping label on, and your box leaves our warehouse, the shipping is completely out of our control. The main reasons international shipping is so much slower is due to decreases in the daily workforce numbers and a huge cut in the transportation channels available to take packages to their next stop outside of the United States.

All points above, except for international shipping times, are referring to seat belts and lap belts. Our mirrors, emblems, shift plates, under-the-hood brackets are in stock and ready to ship. Unless we sell out of one of these items suddenly, they should be able to ship immediately without any production delays.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support during this time, and we hope all of you and your families are healthy and safe!

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