Morris Classic front and rear 3-point seat belts are all year-and-car-specific, meaning they are designed to bolt into all existing factory locations in your car without modifications. Everything is available in standard/USA options, as well as Australian-Compliant options (for cars being driven in Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries).

For more information on Australian Compliant options specifically, please click below:


1. Do Morris Classic seat belts and lap belts conform to all FMVSS requirements?

Yes, all of our seat belts satisfy all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and are pull-tested weekly to ensure their quality and compliance. They exceed the required 3,000-pound pull-test standard by more than 20%.

Our Australian-Compliant versions also conform to all FMVSS requirements, but also satisfy AS2596 ADR4 E45 standards as well.

2. What is the difference between the bench seat and bucket seat applications?

The only differences between the bench and bucket seat applications are the buckles that are included with each set.

For bucket seats, each Starburst push button buckle will be enclosed in a black, flexible vinyl sleeve that will hold each buckle up beside your hip.

Starburst Bucket Seat Ends (in sleeves) and
Starburst Bench Seat Ends (no sleeves)

For bench seats, buckles do not come enclosed in a sleeve since the webbing will be coming up through the seat and each buckle will lay on the seat when not in use. Because these buckles don’t have to be supported by a sleeve, we offer chrome and satin chrome lift latch buckle options in additional to our standard Starburst push buttons.

All Bench Seat Buckles Available
Starburst Push Button, Satin Chrome Lift Latch, and Chrome Lift Latch

3. If my car’s year is outside of the year range listed, will it still fit my car?

All of our seat belts are year-and-car-specific, so if your car/truck is outside of the year range or type of car listed for that product, the set isn’t guaranteed to fit. Please email us with any questions, as we might have a set that will work for you even if it isn’t listed in our online store. You can click the envelope below for a shortcut:

4. Why do you not have front 3-point seat belts for cars before 1966?

General Motors started putting their factory top mounting locations for seat belts in all of their cars starting in February of 1966, with Ford and Mopar starting in 1968. Because our seat belts are designed to bolt into these existing factory holes, we don’t make sets for cars that are without them.

5. Do Morris Classic front 3-point seat belts have a lap and separate shoulder portion?

No, our front 3-point seat belts are retractable and will pull across you in one piece like a modern-car seat belt.

6. Do your colors correspond to factory interior colors? I’m not sure which one will match best.

No, our color codes don’t correspond to factory interior colors, but we’d be happy to mail out free color samples so you can hold an actual piece of the seat belt webbing up to your interior for the best match. Please send us an email at sales@morrisclassic.com with the color codes or color family that you’re interested in, along with your mailing address, and we’ll send those out to you! This is the best way to ensure the best match since computer screen settings can distort colors slightly.

7. If I order seat belts in a color, is everything color-matched?

We try to get everything possible color-matched, but some trim parts might be black if they aren’t available in the chosen color. You can always check with us by emailing us at sales@morrisclassic.com prior to ordering if you’d like to know for sure what to expect. One thing that is always black regardless of the color chosen are the sleeves for the bucket seat ends. These can’t be dyed another color, but will mostly be blocked by the seats when installed.


Still have questions? Contact us:


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