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Morris Classic Australian-Compliant seat belts and lap belts are designed specifically for classic cars being driven in Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries. They satisfy all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) + conform to all AS2596 ADR4 E45 standards as well.


1. What are the differences between the standard/USA version of seat belts and AU Compliant version?

The red “Press” push button buckles are mandated for AU Compliant, the tagging on each seat belt component has the additional conformance standards listed, and they undergo all FMVSS testing required in the USA + additional saltwater and higher UV testing that isn’t required in the USA.

2. Why do the AU Compliant seat belts and lap belts cost more?

Although the overall seat belt and lap belt designs are the same, the AU Compliant versions undergo additional testing (higher UV and saltwater), and require different tagging and buckle style.

3. Can I remove the AU Compliant red “Press” sticker after passing roadworthy inspections?

Yes, if you prefer to remove the stickers, you’ll see the Starburst push button pattern underneath.

4. Can I remove the tags after passing roadworthy inspections?

No, please do not remove the tag on each seat belt component. It contains vital safety information that should be available for reference at all times.


1. Does Morris Classic ship internationally, and how fast will my order ship out?

Yes, we ship internationally to almost all countries. If the items in your order are in stock, your order will ship out within 1-2 business days. If any of your items are made-to-order (usually colors), they will ship out as soon as they are made, tested, and assembled, which usually takes 1-4 weeks.

2. What carrier do you use, and how long will my order be in transit?

All of our international shipments are sent via USPS International (small, medium, or large flat rate boxes). Australia and New Zealand currently require Express, so these shipments should ideally arrive in customs within 3-5 business days. However, we have seen some delays in transportation out of Miami, FL (USA), so this timeframe isn’t guaranteed. Shipments to most other countries should arrive in customs within 1-2 weeks.

Time spent in customs can vary greatly. You will be able to see when your package arrives in your country’s customs department + when it is released for final delivery.

3. Will my package be trackable and insured?

Yes. Whenever your package leaves our warehouse, you’ll receive a tracking number notification email from our online store with your USPS International tracking number. We also email you a copy of your paid invoice and customs invoice as well.

Every package is insured for its declared value, so you will be completely refunded for any lost or damaged package if you decide that you wouldn’t like a replacement product sent.

4. How is the shipping cost of an order calculated?

Our online store calculates the shipping cost of each order based on the shipping address provided and the total weight/volume of the items in your order.

5. Will there be additional charges when my package arrives?

Possibly. There won’t be any additional charges to you from Morris Classic, but once your package arrives in the destination country/customs, they can charge fees/duties/taxes according to their policies. This varies between countries, and is usually based upon the declared value of the package.

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